People are Saying

As a dentist in the Air Force, Dr. Harris took pride in giving our servicemen and women truly excellent dental care.  Now he looks forward to bringing the same world-class care and gentle, friendly manner to your family.  Here are some things his former patients have said:


“Dr. Harris is the best communicator and most thoughtful doctor with a patient I have ever experienced.”

“Dr. Harris is so nice and thorough.  You can tell he really cares about his patients!”

“Dr. Harris went above and beyond.  Provided a very pleasant experience and walked me through the entire procedure.  You can tell he enjoys what he does!”

“Dr. Harris was very prompt, professional, and friendly, probably the best experience at an Air Force dental clinic in 18+ years!

“Dr Harris did an amazing job at getting my chipped tooth repaired. He has the best table side manners I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with.”

One of the best providers I have seen in my 6.5 years in the Air Force.”

“Dr. Harris impressed me with his attention to detail and the time he took to explain what he was doing and why. I would most certainly recommend him to others.”

“Made you feel more like a friend than a patient.  Awesome job.”

“Dr. Harris did a fantastic job and made me feel very at ease during my visit.  He did a great job of explaining each step of the procedure.”

“Dr. Harris is a wonderful doctor.  Very helpful and knowledgeable about his field and goes out of his way to help his patients with anything they ask or require.”